Noramix Group is one of the leading exporters in hydroponic grow bags. It is an ideal growing medium for plants that do not have deep roots such as tomatoes, cucumber, and pepper in horticulture Industry. Grow bags are popular among greenhouse professionals as a prominent product which comes on compressed slab in poly bag. Also grow bags highly used in floriculture industry for roses, Gerber and many more seasonal and non-seasonal flowers.

Why Noramix grow bags?

Since it is very user friendly and convenient to use in green houses as well as outdoor gardens, grow bags are the most popular hydroponic product among both beginners and professional gardeners. When it comes to Noramix grow bags customer satisfaction is the first aspect we care about. Our Noramix team maintains the strict quality standards to serve you with the best quality product.

Suppose you are a small scale gardener who wish to grow plants, but with a limited space. No more worries Noramix team can solve your problem by giving you the priority to customize your own grow bag which can be placed any where you want. The other problem you face in growing industry is, not having the perfect soil combination to meet all the requirements of the crop you wish to plant. In that case Noramix grow bag is the ideal product for you, since it consisted with the perfect soil according to the crop.

Growing plant is a huge process you need to follow to get the best result, find the right place, best soil, digging, after care etc. but now, no more digging is necessary in your garden again. Than any other gardening methods grow bags are less messy which means it contains best soil and dirt is already in the inside of the grow bag. After care also very easy.

In order to develop a better root in a plant grow bag is the perfect growing medium which supply high air capacity. By combining all the recommended nutrients and fertilizers together, grow bag heilps plants to grow stronger. On the other hand grow bag provides solutions for nutrition problems as the fertilizer uptake is sustain than any other substitute.

coco growbags
coco growbags
coco growbags
coco growbags

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